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IT Running Wild?
Tame the Bear with Sungard Availability Services

News, views, research and insights to help you understand how to tame your complex IT challenges.

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Hybrid IT

Your IT ecosystem has become anything but normal. Learn how to manage this eclectic environment so that you can take advantage of new, more agile solutions without losing your critical legacy systems.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation can dramatically improve how everyday business is done. But the same new processes and technologies that raise productivity, can also raise security risks. Learn how Sungard AS has helped other organizations take control of digital transformation.

Business Continuity

The increase in complex IT environments means your data now flows through internal, external, cloud and legacy systems. Learn how you can maintain resilience, enhance backup and speed recovery across your entire ecosystem, without compromise.


Many business resilience programs have fallen behind as IT ecosystems become increasingly multi-layered and complex. Learn about the support available to deliver a full assessment of your existing business resilience program, and the expertise that can adapt it to meet today's complex needs.